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Trend Analyst

Michael Tchong

Michael Tchong has spent more than two decades living at the bleeding edge of consumer trends. His intuitive sense for reading the future has earned him a reputation as one of the savviest thinkers of the information age.A serial entrepreneur, Michael developed a host of successful media and ...

Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass
Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass,

Specialist Subjects

1.  Trends of Alcoholic Beverages
2.  Trends of Analysis
3.  Trends of Computers
4.  Trends of Consumer Electronics
5.  Trends of Demographics
6.  Trends of E-wear
7.  Trends of Entertainment
8.  Trends of Finance
9.  Trends of Food
10.  Trends of Geographic
11.  Trends of Health and Beauty
12.  Trends of Home & Furniture
13.  Trends of Internet
14.  Trends of Lifestyle
15.  Trends of Love & Sex
16.  Trends of Luxury
17.  Trends of Marketing
18.  Trends of Media
19.  Trends of News
20.  Trends of People
21.  Trends of Real Estate
22.  Trends of Restaurants
23.  Trends of Retail
24.  Trends of Robots
25.  Trends of Small Business
26.  Trends of Sustainability
27.  Trends of Technology
28.  Trends of Telecom
29.  Trends of Toys
30.  Trends of Travel
31.  Trends of Videogames
32.  Trends of ...
33.  Workshop: re-energize your team

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