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Leonard Ornstein

Leonard Ornstein is a political journalist. After he graduated in Sociology, Leonard Ornstein started his professional career as an economic journalist at the regional newspaper Het Parool. Currently he works for the television news magazine 'Netwerk' (NCRV) and writes for De Volkskrant newspaper ...

Columnist,Interviewer / Talkshow-host,Keynote Speaker,Panel
Columnist,Interviewer / Talkshow-host,Keynote Speaker,Panel,

Specialist Subjects

1.   International politics, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the European Union and NATO
2.   Cooperation between the Netherlands and France, cultural differences
3.   Polical leadership
4.   Development cooperation
5.   Education
6.   Picturing the media
7.   Defence: humanitarian interventions, the war inst terrorism
8.   Social-economic topics, such as health care, mobility and public housing

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