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Expert in the field of (self)reflection | Court Jester

Juri Hoedemakers

Juri Hoedemakers is an expert in the field of (self-) reflection. He was the first person ever to create a detailed and elaborate scientific link between modern management and the court jester of the ...

Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker

Specialist Subjects

1.The world of reflection

In this lecture Juri takes you into the world of reflection. What exactly is reflection? Which reflective models are there? Who increases our reflective capacity? And how does that happen? How was that done by the court jester in the past? What are tools for reflection? What is Hoedemakers’ Reflection Model?

2.Reflection experience

This is an interactive experience with a combination of scientific insights, (management) games, clarifying questions, reflective film fragments and a quiz. Every participant receives a certificate from MVR (Socially Responsible Reflection).

3.Reflection during Covid

The number of burnouts has increased enormously since the start of the crisis. In fact, there is a possible quadrupling of burnouts hanging over the market and that is not only annoying for the employee, but also for the employer. Do you have any idea what a burnout costs a company? According to experts from ArboNed, this amount is estimated at an average of 60,000 euros per burnout. That is an awful lot of money, especially when you consider that one in six employees currently has burnout complaints. But there is also good news, because the reasons for a burnout can easily be prevented. The solution lies in reflection and the manager.


Why leaders and their organizations need a court jester

Why leaders and their organizations need a court jester


Stimulating, enthusing, Go for it!

“The image you sketched of a court jester in a team, you need it to get moving. Stimulating, enthusing, Go for it!”

Dorien Hulsebosch from Stichting Jong Leren
“Innovative, fun, fresh and inspiring!”

“Innovative, fun, fresh and inspiring!”

Timo Verbeek from Roompot Vakanties

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