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Expert on (self-)reflection | Court Jester

Juri Hoedemakers

Juri Hoedemakers is drs. Hofnar. He teaches you to clearly state what you think and feel using the 16 techniques of the court jester, always just like the court jester... with a quip.

Keynote Speaker,Motivatie spreker
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Keynote Speaker,Motivatie spreker,

Specialist Subjects

1. The world of reflection

In this lecture, Juri will take you into the world of reflection. What is reflection anyway? What reflective models are there? Who enhances our reflective capacity? And in what ways does it happen? How did it used to be done by the court jester? What are tools for reflection? What is Hoedemakers reflection model?

2. Reflective Experience

This is an interactive experience with a combination of scientific insights, (management) games, clarifying questions, reflective film clips and a quiz. Each participant will receive a certificate from MVR (Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Reflecteren) – (Socially Responsible Reflection).

3. Reflective Friday afternoon drinks

Had a nice busy week? With this humorous Friday afternoon drink, you will reflect delightfully on the past week. Highs and lows are scrutinized and then delightfully given a place. The ultimate way to start the weekend peacefully.

4. Reflective month end (around the theme of the ExpertBlog)

Every month, Juri writes an Expert blog for (De Persgroep Media). Around the theme of this expert blog, he can also create a special month end for your company. Want to end the month in a fun way? Then choose this option.

5. Reflection in times of Corona

The number of burnouts has increased dramatically since the beginning of the crisis. In fact, a possible quadrupling of burnout is hanging over the market, and this is not only annoying for the employee, but also for the employer. Do you have any idea what burnouts cost a company? According to experts at ArboNed, it is estimated at an average of 60,000 euros per burnout. That’s an awful lot of money, especially when you consider that one in six employees currently has burnout symptoms. But there is also good news, because the triggers for burnout can easily be prevented. The solution lies in reflection and the manager.


Drs. Court Jester Reflection Workshop

The Court Jester Reflection Workshop During the Reflection Session by Drs....

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For me, this was really unique

"In this case the theory was very limited and it was more the translation to practice for me that drew me into this day. For me this was really unique"

Michael Wijngaardevan from Ministerie van Justitie en Veiligheid
Educational, eye-opening and fun!

"I thought it was a fun and interesting day! Educational, eye-opening and fun!"

Wilco de Grootvan from HANDYMAN B.V.

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