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Former Vice President of the World Bank

dr. Jean-François Rischard

Jean-François Rischard, the first European Vice President of the World Bank and writer of the best-selling book: “High Noon; 20 global problems, 20 years to solve them!”. In his book,...

Consultancy,Keynote Speaker,Panel

Specialist Subjects

1. Globalisation
2. Government
3. World-Problems
4. Innovation
5. Crime
6. Transatlantic Cooperation/ Relationship
7. Finance
8. Monetary Policies
9. Economics
10. High Noon: 20 Global Problems, 20 Years to Solve Them
11. The Role of Business beyond its Traditional Borders
12. Looking into the Future: 10 Big Trends and 2 Problematic Regions
13. The Knowledge-Based Economy: Worldwide Trends and New Ideas
14. Navigating in a High-Risk World: Implications for Business Leadership, Strategy and Risk Management
15. Global Constraints
16. Understanding Globalization
17. The Innovation Imperative: People, Companies, Countries, Planet
18. Taking the Current Credit Crisis Apart
19. The Future of International Organizations, with the World Bank and OECD in 2015
20. The Role of Europe in Global Affairs
21. Main Challenges of the Middle East
22. Growth and Reform Dynamics in the Mediterranean Region
23. Four Key of Success Factors in the New World Economy...
24. Working Together across Cultures

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