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Professor of Organisation and Organisational Change (internal governance) at the Amsterdam Business School of the University of Amsterdam.

prof. dr. Hans Strikwerda

In 2005, leading management magazine Management Team named prof. Strikwerda, after extensive research, the most powerful consultant of the Netherlands.Hans Strikwerda is an executive management consultant with Nolan, Norton & Co, director of the Nolan Norton Institute and professor of Organisation ...


Specialist Subjects

1.   International corporate strategy, traditional strategy, grand strategy, new types of strategy, the interaction between corporate and public strategy
2.   Corporate organisation, design, change, organisation (re)design, developing new economic models
3.   Corporate governance, internal governance, management control (when is the board in control?)
4.   Organisation design, styles of management, styles of decision making
5.   Public governance, educational governance
6.   Economic policy

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