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Better marketing and communications for newspapers, magazines and publishers

Francesco Farruggia

Francesco Farruggia is the founder of Grupo Meeting, the great marketing editorial company who made in the 80’s and 90’s most part of the promotions and add-ons base don combinatory games and partworks. Francesco Farruggia is also the founder and senior partner of TP&Associates, an Spanish ...

Consultancy,Keynote Speaker
Consultancy,Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Marketing and communication for newspapers, magazines and publishers
2.   The Latin American newspaper, magazine and publisher market
3.   How to achieve a strong distribution network
4.   How to achieve a huge distribution network
5.   The power of self-advertising
6.   Creating editorial or gadget collections
7.   How to achieve new buyers and/or new readers
8.   How to make profit from new kind of promotions
9.   Getting incremental copies
10.   Acquiring brand recognition
11.   The future of newspapers

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