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Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker & Sales MasterClass Presenter

Bruce King

Bruce King has spent more than 25 years working with organizations and speaking to audiences around the world on the subjects of increasing sales and achieving more in any area of their business and personal life – in other words - helping companies and individuals to become ‘World-Class ...

Keynote Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass
Keynote Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Masterclass: How To Double Your Sales
2.   Keynote Speech: How To Become A World Class Achiever
3.   Keynote Speech: How To Double Your Sales
4.   Keynote Speech: How To Become A Success Magnet In 7 Days
5.   Keynote Speech: How To Train Your Brain To Win The Game – Any Game You Want!
6.   Masterclass: How To Become A World-Class Achiever (practical and extraordinarily effective techniques to attract all the success you want in work and in life and become a World–Class Achiever)
7.   Masterclass: Simple Selling Skills For Non-Sales Personnel


Mark Hatcliffe, Head of Customer Service

"I really found the workshop last week you ran for the IOD very helpful - sales are heading in the right direction already toward double!"

Mark Hatcliffe, Head of Customer Service from Barclays
Ramin Patel

"The Minister for Commerce has asked me to thank you kindly for your wonderfully inspiring presentation. Those leaders who attended now have more dedication, commitment and motivation to building ...

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Ramin Patel from City 2000 Conferences Bangalore, India
Christer Englus

"That was the best sales conference we have ever run, and even more remarkable as this is the first time we have had an English speaking presenter speak at an event."

Christer Englus from MD, Yurekli Instanbul, Turkije

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