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A Philosopher of the Past - and its Lessons for Our Future

Bettany Hughes

Bettany grew up in West London. Her parents were in the theatre and it was there that she learnt early on the importance and delight of sharing thoughts and ideas with a wider public. Bettany won a scholarship to read Ancient and Modern History at Oxford University and then continued her ...

Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   The Challenge of Democracy (using Golden Age Athens as my sounding board)
2.   Women in History and In The Future
3.   The roots of the relationship between Christian and Muslim communities.
4.   Our Use of Time
5.   The value of Sophia - Wisdom
6.   Femmes Fatales ( and Helen of Troy)
7.   Mass Media, Pop culture and the Future of the Mind


Helen McCarthy

"Bettany's talk about the challenges of making history work on television was hugely stimulating (as well as great fun!). She helped us to think about how we might communicate our own research beyond ...

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Helen McCarthy from History Lab, Institute of Historical Research
Alice Sherwood

"Bettany is an absolutely magnetic speaker. Our all-female audience were entranced and inspired by her wit and scholarship. She brought ancient civilisations alive and made the enigmatic and unknown ...

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Alice Sherwood from The Kit-Kat Club

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