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Developer of alternative energy resources

dr. Ashok Khosla

Since 1983 he has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Development Alternatives Group. Headquartered in New Delhi, Development Alternatives was the first social enterprise worldwide set up to promote sustainable development. It undertakes analysis of sustainable development options, ...

Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Beyond Efficiency
2.   Energy
3.   Ecosystem Services
4.   Conservation
5.   Climate Change
6.   The Future of Business and the Business of the Future
7.   The Key Issues of Today
8.   Sustainable Development
9.   Astronomy and Evironment
10.   Factor 10
11.   Ending Poverty
12.   Appropriate Technology
13.   Innovation for Sustainable Development
14.   Youth as the Builders of a Better World
15.   Civil Society, the Glue that Binds Democracy
16.   Development Alternatives

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