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A specialist in the field of strategic collaboration and alliances

ir. Alfred Griffioen

How 'network-ready' is your company or organisation? In a time of increasing competition and a dwindling availability of financial resources, engaging in partnerships may well be your way to growth. But how to go about it successfully, with the least possible risk? Alfred Griffioen is a leading ...

Keynote Speaker,Panel,Presentations,Workshop
Keynote Speaker,Panel,Presentations,Workshop,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Entrepreneurship
2.   Strategy
3.   Business development
4.   Alliances
5.   Partnerships
6.   Collaboration
7.   Intellectual property
8.   Public-private collaboration
9.   Innovation
10.   Doing business internationally
11.   Cross-cultural management
12.   Co-creation
13.   Corporate Social Responsibility

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