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15 December 2019

Jimmy Nelson | Homage to Humanity

Photographer Jimmy Nelson has traveled the world with his camera, visiting some of its most remote and ancient cultures.

Homage to Humanity

A unique photografic yourney with over 500 pages to explore.

Within his latest book, Jimmy Nelson visits over 25 communities and returns to three communities featured in Before They Pass Away. He works with attention to detail, setting the stage with meticulous care. It is all about perfection – a measured balance of shapes, colours, and, most of all, light. Jimmy only uses natural light, which demands a lot of time. It means that he can be working on one image for several hours, or days, before he reaches what he’s after – the magic, enchanting atmosphere that the right light brings.

Every image in the book has a story from the stunning Sarchop in the Himalayas of Bhutan, to the icy Tundra in the north of Siberia, home to the unyielding Dolgan reindeer-herders. With the companion app, you will be able to scan the images in the book and watch over 600 videos about the people, jimmy’s experiences and much more.

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